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This Allrecipe, Szechwan Shrimp will be a great hit with your family and friends.  This recipe is an easy Asian dish to prepare and so tasty you will make it over and over again.  I sure have.

Ingredients you will need:

r, in a bowl,  the following: water, ketchup, soy sauce, cornstarch, honey crushed red pepper, and ground ginger( a small packet of ginger will do) set bowl aside. 

Then chop the onion. Don’t be like me, and forget to buy the *GREEN onion.  Mince the garlic cloves.  Get skillet heating with the oil over medium high heat, then stir in onions and garlic, cook 30 seconds.  Shrimp get tossed in last.  Make sure shrimps become nicely coated with oil.  Now pour the sauce mixture over the cooking shrimp.  Cook, stir, until sauce is bubbly and thickened.  Be careful, you don’t want to over cook shrimp.  Once you wink shrimp turns pink.

Done!  Serve!

*don’t worry if you forget green onion, the onion I used didn’t hinder the taste.

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