Birthday Time

It seems that the older we get the more things we have to do. Our families are growing up and our parents are getting older and the only way to get together was to meet 2 weeks early in the month for my birthday. I have passed by Katch Astoria for years and never realized it was a sports bar/beer garden and so I picked it to celebrate. We were too late for Happy Hour but that did not stop the celebration. It was beers for the table, some guacamole and chips to start.

Three of us went for sandwiches, Pulled Pork for me, Merci went for the Wagyu Beef Sliders, Marlene enjoyed the Chipotle Burger and my sister Marianne had the Brick Chicken. Everything was delicious.

Spoiler here ~ the place is noisy but fun, the good news is we can talk real loud. No chance of being asked to leave here. We took a break and enjoyed the time together. And then we shared “eat them while they are hot” Churros, our very favorite.

These women are the diamonds in my life, bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style. I only wish someone could tape us while we figure out the bill. Hilarious, really hilarious.