The AdaptiFit Blanket by SnuggleBumpkinz

The AdaptiFIT™ by SnuggleBumpkinz is a self-stick baby swaddle blanket that takes the guesswork out of traditional swaddling. A safe sleeping baby is the new Happy Hour.

It holds itself in place just by pressing the blanket with your hand!

Other swaddle blankets can unravel and cover baby’s face – SO SCARY!!   

AdaptiFIT stays secure giving parents peace of mind and a better night’s sleep – baby too!


Why we love this swaddle:

  • Unique “press & stay” design – strong hold so baby doesn’t break out of the swaddle and wake up ~ Breathable cotton inner layer ~ Adapts to your growing baby with arms out and legs out options ~ Saves parents a TON of money – use this one swaddle from birth to blanket! ~ Fun & trendy designs!