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Let me throw you back to my son’s wedding – 15 years of throwing back- with photos of my husband, me, and my son. Photos that I dusted off and finally framed to be displayed.

My two handsome men! As they stand together, father, son, and now husbands. As happy as dad was for his son, it was also a time of sad reality, for dad knew, that on this day, he had to let go of his son’s little hand to begin a new life with his new wife.

As for me. When I first saw this picture of me and my little boy together I said, “Ugh, I look terrible.” Now, 15 years later, I look at this picture and say, “Oh, I look so young.” Ha! How time changes what your eyes see…but, I too had to let my son’s little hand go. Our little boy now a man. At that time, the quote by Emily Griffin, came to mind, “A son is a son till he gets a wife…”

However, 15 years of marriage has made my son a better son. I think his wife had something to do with that… 🙂