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MP Magic Socks… socks that keep your feet odorless. Imagine you can remove your shoes and know that your feet will not have that stinky smell… can be worn for 6 days without washing them and your feet will be odorless. Sole Mates!

MP Magic Socks are not your regular everyday socks. whether you’re being scanned at an airport, getting comfortable on a long-haul flight, entering a religious house of worship or visiting a local friend in their home, you will not be embarrassed of foot odor when you wear MP Magic Socks.
They incorporated a smart design, with a silver, copper and zinc-infusion to make antibacterial fabrics which help keep your feet odorless.

MP Magic Socks wear well, are comfortable, fit great, and get rid of foot odor. They help keep free dry and fresh to avoid Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections.  Now if you want healthy and better smelling feet then MP Magic Socks are the socks for you.

MP Magic socks are featured with:
Unparalleled comfort like your second skin 
Stay fresh with certified deodorant tech
Super soft & breathable 
Stay soft and antibacterial wash after wash 
Great compression against ankle 
Italy knitting machine with 200-needle count
Experience the best performance with CoolMax & Lycra 
Best for sport, travel & long work day

No shoes, no problem, when you wear MP Magic Socks.

MP Magic Socks…A great Holiday gift for men and women.

Socks GIFT BOXES (Limited Edition. 5 pairs / box)