Young Lincoln of New Salem by Sam Rawlins #Bookworm

Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States is said to be the greatest president in American history. He led the nation through its bloodiest war to bring freedom to slaves.

Young Lincoln Of New Salem, the culmination of decades of research by author Sam Rawlins, offers readers a fresh perspective of this great statesman’s early life in a powerfully compelling read. Young Abraham Lincoln of New Salem, the story of young Lincoln during those crucial years from the ages of 22 to 28, what he would learn from love and heartbreak, and how it would both haunt and inspire him all the rest of his life.

Author Sam Rawlins, Young Lincoln makes history come alive as readers grow to know Lincoln as contemporaries from his own time saw him. This inspiring story follows the future president through six pivotal years on rugged Illinois frontier, where Lincoln went from store clerk to postmaster to captain of militia in Black hawk War.

Young Lincoln of New Salem tells of his life-altering romance with Ann Rutledge, and that heartbreaking relationship is explored in depth.

“A book that gets us into Lincoln’s heart and soul…”
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