Henry’s Mysterious Voice By Nancy L. Hurley #Bookworm

Henry’s Mysterious Voice a story of this little mouse, Henry. A cute, cuddly, little brown mouse who lived in the Wilson’s home where he would listened to their dinner table stories. Henry, the little brown mouse, thought of the Wilson’s as his “family” even though they had no idea that their home had this cute little mouse in it.

Henry was comfortable and safe inside of the Wilson’s home, until one day he heard a voice. “Henry, where are you?” “I’m looking for you.” Upon hearing this voice Henry begins a life changing experience.

Henry decides to venture outside into the world. However, Henry did not go alone, Henry’s Mysterious Voice went with him.

“Henry’s Mysterious Voice” can help readers develop their spirituality as well as improve their basic reading and vocabulary skills. Young readers will enjoy learning that the Lord was always with Henry during his exciting adventure exploring the world around him.

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