“FRANKLIN: The Man Behind The United States Command Dogs” by Matthew Duffy #Bookworm

Franklin: The man Behind The United States Commando Dogs a book about how military Special Operations Forces acquire and train military commando dogs.

Author, Matthew Duffy, tells the story of 37 year old, Jeffrey Scott Franklin, born and raised in the countryside of Kentucky, who becomes the man behind the United States Commando Dogs.

Franklin has the unique ability to train man’s best friend into a discipline soldier to become an effective weapon against terrorism. Follow Mr. Franklin into Iraq, Ecuador, Afghanistan and be drawn into the experience as these dogs are trained to become, The United States Commando Dogs.

This wonderful book gives the reader insight on how this Marine is the only man to have held the position “of overseeing the selection and instruction of all elite canines assigned to competing special tactic groups stationed on opposite sides of the country.” For more information click here