Sylvania Smart+ LED Light Bulbs #Energysaving #LED #LightsOn #SmartHome

Sylvania Smart+LED Light Bulbs can easily turn your home into a SMART HOME. Sylvania Smart+ LED Light Bulbs incorporates over 20 different products including smart decorative outdoor lights, every day light bulbs, and accessories to complete a smart setup. Easy Bluetooth and/or a ZigBee smart lighting option and can add to either your existing smart home automation system, or begin your smart home journey with just one light bulb and a phone.

One Sylvania Smart+LED Light Bulb is all it takes to begin making your home SMART. They are easy to set up and control and are perfect for a student to decorate their room with colorful light to match their mood or color scheme, while also providing bright, quality lighting for studying. Their room, whether at home or in a dorm, can feel uniquely their own.

Sylvania Smart+ LED Light Bulb is “A smarter way to brighten your home.”

Apple HomePod and Computer on Desk with SMART+ Blue Lamp

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A house is not a home unless it’s a SMART home …