Happy Birthday Marlene

Another birthday another reason to be with with the people who make you feel good about being you. Today we celebrate Mercis’ sister Marlene, the day started with torrential rain and we did not know if we could get to East Meadow, so happy to say the rain let up and we did make it. It was worth the trip. Marlene chose Sufiya’s Grill ~ East Meadow. We started with pitas and dip and tried the 3 appetizers, we shared a little of this and a little of that. Cheers!!

As always we had a therapy session going on even got a little loud talking about Social Security. Yeah that’s where we are at this time around. Ha!!

We were early enough to enjoy the lunch special, Marlene had the salmon, my sister Marianne went for the Cornish hen and both Merci and me ordered the shrimp. The lunch came with either a lentil soup or a salad. We took some of it home because we wanted dessert. Marlene chose the French Vanilla ice cream with banana, pineapples and walnuts. 4 spoons and we each had a taste. Being together always make makes hard times easier and the good times better.

Happy Birthday Marlene, luckily for you and us fabulosity has no age. Have a wonderful year, Beautiful.