“The Little Fir Tree” by Christian Corr from an original story by Hans Christian Andersen #Bookworm #Christmasbook #Mustread

The Little Fir Tree a beautifully illustrated retelling of Hans Christian Andersens’ festive tale that is a must Christmas read.

The Little Fir Tree tells the story of a fir tree that longed to be a big giant tree, and long to see the world, just like the trees around him. Then one Christmas, the tree is chopped down and brought into a family’s home.

It feels like all the tree’s dreams have come true. Finally, the little fir tree will get to see the world! But what will happen the day after? Find out in this beautiful retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s festive tale.

Author: Christopher Corr is an established author/illustrator who many books have won him international acclaim such as: The Great Race, A Year Full of Stories, and Deep in the Woods. Studied at the Royal College of art, and now lives and works in London as an artist and tutor at Goldsmiths University.

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