The Double Dangerous Book For Boys

Now, beloved author of The Dangerous Book for Boys Conn Iggulden returns with the highly-anticipated follow-up collection, THE DOUBLE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS, which has even more information, insights, and diversions for boys from eight to eighty. Designed with the same nostalgic look and feel as the first book, this companion volume includes more than seventy brand new chapters and important skills, fascinating historical information, and essential stories, including:

  • Picking Locks
  • The Best Paper Airplane in the World—Take Two
  • U.S. Army Structure and Ranks
  • Gods of Greece and Rome
  • Solving the Rubik’s Cube
  • Forgotten Explorers
  • How to Write a Thank-You Letter

This charming and practical guide, packed with hundreds of full-color charts, maps, diagrams, and illustrations, will ignite the imagination and stimulate curiosity, and provide grandfathers, fathers, sons, and brothers the opportunity to deepen their bonds. Whether it’s building a flying machine, learning how to pick a lock, discovering the world’s greatest speeches or mastering a Rubik’s cube, THE DOUBLE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS is the ultimate companion, to be cherished by readers and doers of all ages. more fun than snips and snails and puppy dog tails!!

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