Christmas on Broadway

My son in law picked the restaurant for lunch and my grandson picked the Broadway show for the family fun for Christmas. Both were excellent choices. If you have never been to Carmine’s Italian Restaurant you are in for an experience. Be warned they serve family style portion platters. We knew this and still ordered too much. Look at Liams’ face when the pasta platter came out. Love him. Something for everyone, and yes they packed it up and I took it with us to the show. Promised not to eat during the performance. Ha!! No cooking for me this week.

My grandson choice was The Lightning Thief ~ The Percy Jackson Musical, a fun and very relatable story for anyone who was ever a teen, or ever loved a teen. Lots of energy, great music, laughs , hard choices, and yes a happy ending.

Wishing you a season of gladness and cheer. Merry Christmas!! and wishing you a wonderful New Year.