90 Years Blessed – Happy Birthday Mom

let me just start by saying it took 90 years to look this good. My mom suffered a stroke 3 years ago and she is much better but she is not the same. So we knew no matter how we had to celebrate her 90th birthday and we did!! We gathered our families and went for lunch at Uncle Bacala’s Italian Restaurant. Italian food is always a good idea.

Birthdays come and go but a moms’ love last forever. So we all came to celebrate the love she shared with us. Mom Grandma Great Grandma and Friend.

My mom was surprised, I told her we were having lunch with my daughter and niece for her birthday.

How blessed we are, how fortunate we have been and now to be together still to celebrate this milestone together. Oh, and did I mention the food? What a wonderful table full of goodness and delight to share together. Eat Drink Be Merry We are here celebrating you Mom.

A mothers’ love never ends it’s there from the beginning to the end. I really think my mom had a great time. She ate she smiled and she laughed!!

Mother a person who does the work of many for free. L.O.V.E.

Where is the cake? Right here! Happy 90th Birthday Tessie! Simply delicious and everyone knows that birthday cake calories don’t count. So lets’ celebrate with cake.

So Mom kiss the eighties good bye and walk to the future together with us. God Bless You Always