Bliss Bomb Donut Decorating Kit

BlissBomb’s signature mini donuts now come deconstructed giving kids (of all ages!) the chance to design the donuts of their dreams. The kits ship nationwide and include:

  • 12 baked mini donuts (6 chocolate, 6 vanilla)
  • 3 soaks to add flavor and moisture (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)
  • 3 piping bags with glaze (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)
  • 4 tasty toppings (ranging from colorful sprinkles to candied fruit)
  • Pastry box that can be decorated and used as a gift box

Launching its ecommerce site the company also ships luxe gift boxes, bringing flavor and choice to an ecommerce category limited by pre-set flavor assortments and increasingly prioritizing softness, sweetness and color over taste. Donut decorating kits are also available to ship nationwide. Kids in the kitchen: imagination, empowerment, creativity and life long memories.

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