A New Beginning – Family Social Distancing

Social Distancing is temporary Love is permanent. I had not visited my daughter and her family for 2 months. I listen to Governor Cuomo every day for facts, joy and hope. We were told to stay home and that is what I did with my mom. We stayed home. We only went outside in the afternoon and sat on the stoop for air and sunshine. I were a mask when I go food shopping once a week. Everything has changed. Two months and finally things started to open up. Beaches, golfing, restaurants for pick up and delivery. Hope shining through. I decided to take a ride to see my daughter, I missed them all so much and I know they felt the same and so did my mom.

Yes we are all in this together, just 6 feet apart for now. The boys got so big and so did Tucker boy, he was so happy to see us. They boys had to hold him because he could easily knock over my mom (Nanna). So we sat on the other side of the backyard and ordered some lunch. My choice was Lobster Rolls, fried fish sammies and french fries from The Rex in Mineola. The kids opted for grilled cheese and chicken fingers. Everyone was very happy.

I missed breaking bread with my peeps so much. To our surprise my granddaughter made a delicious Lemon Meringue Pie  – Bakery Worthy it was so delicious and gone before I could get another piece!!! Love her so much. We are staying positive and washing our hands. Oh, my daughter got a hot tub during the pandemic, which was a great idea, if you have to stay home, relax and enjoy some time together or alone. They let me have the tub to myself and I truly enjoyed it!!

The world has slowed down, giving us time to rediscover ourselves and learning what the important things are. For me, that is family and friends. Family first, next friends it’s a matter of when the time is right. Be Well. Stay Well.

Stay strong, things will get better.

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