Family Time At A Restaurant Post COVID-19

The first thing I’d like to say is make sure you call and get a reservation. Outside seating is very limited. We were lucky because the table of six were not to arrive until 2:30. We showed up at 12:30 and were greeted by friendly masked, gloved staff and seated. You must wear a mask waiting for a table but you can remove masks at your table. There are time limits for dining, ask your restaurant for the rules. My daughter picked Seventh Street Cafe and they had a great set up outside.

Tables separated by large urns of plants. Our table was then covered by large paper tablecloth (no fabric) and our utensils came wrapped in a large napkin. No salt/pepper on table. No sharing bread or dipping oil or ketchup. Menus are made of paper and not used again.

Tables will be dressed when you are seated. No refills a new glass of soda every time you wanted one. The plastic straw is back.

Both my daughter and I were so excited to be together and eating at a restaurant (which is one of our favorite sport) that we got emotional and had to stop the tears. Just listening to the familiar sounds of people being around people.

The conversations, the laughter back ground music and hustle bustle clinking clanging, it’s the little things that make us human. It was nice to come back to the new normal.

It’s been a rough year and I think it will continue to be a challenge for some time to come, so we try to do our best, keep spirits up and hope. This small time meant a lot to me and my family, just to be together and do something that we did without a thought before.

Thank you to all the front line and essential workers who brought us all through to this point this new normal. God Bless You God Bless Us All.