Our Trip To Iceland

We are so glad we got to visit Iceland. It was unexpected, Merci daughter Erica invited us to join her and Jennifer for a long weekend in February and we jumped at the chance. We stayed at the Hotel Holt in Reykjavik, a walk away from the bustling main streets and sites. We also enjoyed breakfast every morning and cocktails in the late afternoon.

Just a short walk to the water for a spectacular view.

We went on day bus trips to visit the geysers and hot springs we could not help bu smile and clap. And of course the Blue Lagoon Spa. Now we know why it is one of the 25 wonders of the world. It was snowing and we did not care. Amazing!!!

We had a chance to visit a stable and see the beautiful Iceland Horses, which are pony sized and so adorable.

Then there are the Northern Lights, The Aurora Borealis, which we were told may or may not show for any number of reasons, clouds or too windy, but we were blessed that night The sight was magical. We were not able to see the colors with our naked eye, but our cameras picked it all up.

We enjoyed a delicious meal every night, sometimes fancy sometimes not so fancy. All the restaurants were a walk away from the hotel and the variety of food always fresh and so tasty.

The weekend went so fast we each promised to return because Iceland is a magical land.

We will be back Iceland.