Permission To Hustle Retreat At Sea 2020

I had the pleasure and luck to join my daughter and her partner on the Permission To Hustle at Sea Retreat in February 2020 on the Carnival Cruise Line. I was with the most amazing group of women who work hard ,support each other with kindness and positivity. They were a joy to witness. They worked hard all day long at meetings and conferences, while I wiled away the day on deck. After all that hard work, we all got together to enjoy dinner and some down time. Honestly I did my best to keep up.

But first a cocktail because everyone knows happy hour is the best hour. Laughing and sipping, ordering the most amazing dishes for dinner. We were on cruise mode.

The daily cruise forecast each day was hard work during the day with a good chance of cocktails at night. We did get off the ship at Grand Cayman and Mexico for day excursions, everyone picked their destination and we all got together again each and every evening. Sharing the days’ amazing experience and adventures on shore. I miss these women.

Little did we know about the havoc waiting for us on our return. I think about that bottle of champagne that was delivered to our room courtesy of Carnival Cruise. We never opened it and we left it in the room. Celebrate the times of your life in your way everyday. I wait for the chance to get on a cruise ship again because truly…..Life is better on a cruise. Be Well. Stay Well.

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