YUNO BioTactical Drinks a new line of of drinks that are designed to mix and match to promote increased energy, focus, memory retention, relaxation or even a better night’s sleep. Made with over 100 all natural superfood ingredients designed to maximize body and mind nutrition, the ingredients were scientifically chosen and formulated through a proprietary process to increase bioavailability, natural absorption, and hydration.

The attributes of each YUNO drink are:
YUNO Dream – Go to sleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed. This blend balances the body’s internal clock, modulates your temperature, regulates digestion, and promotes relaxation for the perfect night’s sleep.   
YUNO Zen – Relax in those stressful moments with a boost of serotonin to the gut! Get that zen, happy feeling and even improve your satiety and digestion all with this unique formula.  
YUNO Focus – Reduce brain-fog and aid analytical and strategic thinking with superfoods that encourage a healthy oxygen level in your bloodstream. 
YUNO Uplift – This blend promotes calmness during fight-flight-freeze situations while still keeping you energized. Great for immediate benefits, but also to protect you from the emotional and daily stress.  
YUNO Memory – Combat brain fog with this special formula that improves circulation, supports energy synthesis and helps you remember information more effectively. 
YUNO Energy – Get more active and say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue. By upping your Oxygen production your stamina, endurance, and vitality increases – even avoiding that mid-day slump! 

Key benefits of YUNO include:

  • Support the immune system daily and for travel.  For example, oregano and elderberries are highly concentrated and support daily immunity to help your mind and body, and your gut bacteria a boost.
  • Provide a mind + body boost by utilizing unique ingredients that have shown to potentially help support different areas’ executive function to facilitate the needs of individuals at different times.
  • Offers naturally available caffeine with no jitters and crashes. The utilization of ingredients with natural caffeine along with other botanical ingredients has been shown to increase energy sustainability and help promote a healthy body with increased vitality and energy. 
  • Contains natural nootropics which are designed to improve intelligence, memory and focus

      YUNO is a “shot,” so if you’re not used to strong flavors, it is recommended that you mix it with dairy or non-dairy milk, juice, or a smoothie. 

 Don’t forget to shake your YUNO packet before you drink!    Packet has a reusable top just in case you don’t need the full benefit of YUNO. Opened packet of YUNO last 6-8 hours outside of the fridge and 2-3 2-3 weeks inside the fridge.