Beach Day 2020

Give me a coffee to change the things i can and the beach to accept the things I can’t. Every week the weather would not cooperate with my day off from work, until today I finally got to spend a day at the beach with my daughter and family. Life is a beach find your wave.

Happiness is being next to my people and watching them play all day long. Just the sky above, the sand below and the peace in my soul.

The thing about the beach, after 4 hours well you start to get hungry Must be all that fresh salt air.

We found a table at the neighborhood spot and enjoyed pizza, lobster rolls and fish and chips. Honestly it is always happy hour at the beach. Note: you must wear a mask before being seated.

You can be sure we left room for ice cream because you know you can’t be sad when you are eating ice cream. Oh Summer we love you.