30 Watt's Face Plant has released the ideal back-to-college gifts for plant lovers.   The Face Plant are a must have for green thumbs living in tight quarters, especially those who are looking for fun and functionality, and who want to express their creativity and individuality.
 FACE PLANT is a groovy novelty planter that holds plants, glasses & you can also draw on it.  

The Face Plant  gives plants a personality, so you never feel awkward talking to your plants again! The planter combines the functionality of a minimal, high-design house planter with the functionality of a creative place to keep your glasses in plain sight, so you never lose them. To add more fun to the mix, the Face Plant can be personalized with facial expressions and messages using any dry erase marker. It is made of 100 percent ceramic and has drainage holes in the bottom for proper plant care.

Let’s face it, expressing your personality with your chosen plant does wonders for your plants. Keep Going Keep Growing.

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