Cicada Socks Walk The Talk

 Cicada Socks a whimsical organic cotton sock and lifestyle brand with a message behind their designs, donating $1 to social causes for each purchase. The company has partnered with nonprofits that take action and issues people care about including COVID relief, global warming, and pollution, which are illustrated in the sock designs themselves. The meaning of Cicada is, “a bug the size of an average key, but has a voice that is louder than a lion’s roar.”

Cicada Socks Designers have developed one-of-a-kind detailed gradient technology 

The 7 collections tackle different key causes and the designers have developed one-of-a-kind detailed gradient technology over time to illustrate issues like desertification. Some of the designs illustrate polar bears with melting glaciers, the New York skyline underwater, birds flying between smoke clouds, poaching with animals fading away (becoming extinct) due to hunting, and more. 

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