Buns & Burgers by Gregory Berger

Bun & Burgers by Gregory Berger will show you how to make an authentically homemade and 100% Burger from scratch. Buns & Burgers will have you create a masterful burgers, from top to bottom.

 In this cookbook, by Gregory Berger, will teach readers not only how to create delicious burgers, but also provides recipes for baking buns―the “holy grail of cooking from scratch.” From classic sesame to black charcoal hamburger buns, learn how to bake your way into creating an Instagram-worthy burger.

For a special, adventurous occasion, you might opt for the local growers ciabatta roll or pretzel bread, but that barely scratches the surface of the possibilities. Buns & Burgers will provide Tips and tricks for beginning and experienced cooks.

Easy to follow recipes: such as Reuben Burger, The Hawaiian Burger, Oklahoma Onion Burger, and The Classic Burger to name a few. Berger not only teaches us to create delicious burger but also provides recipes for baking burger-specific buns that will elect your cookout.

In Buns & Burgers you will discover: Over thirty delicious and diverse bun recipes. Mouth-watering burger recipes like the black bean and sweet potato burger, topped with roasted poblano mayo, Shortcuts along the way for those looking to save time. From classic sesame to black charcoal buns, lean how to bake your way to an instagram-worthy burger that will more than satisfy your friends and family. Life is better with buns and burgers.

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