FoodieKid Simple Starters Organic Baby Meals


FoodieKid Simple Starters Organic Baby Meals has All the benefits of homemade baby food,
without all the work. Pure, organic and nutritiously balance food, from the freezer to your table in just minutes: Simple Starters make preparing homemade baby food easy. Their flash-frozen baby meals are prepped,, ready to cook, and can be served with as puree or finger foods. Each pack even comes with recipes and meal inspiration to help develop your future FOODIKID.

Developed by Christine Topalian, a Brooklyn-based working mother of two who wanted to make it easier for parents to prepare healthy, natural baby food at home, they are convenient packets of ingredients that parents steam and customize to their desired texture, from puree to diced finger-food. 

FoodieKid Simple Starters the flash-frozen, organic baby meals that take the hassle out of making baby food at home, are now available for delivery throughout New York City.  Orders can be placed online at and are delivered by courier service three days per week.

In Simple Starters you will find a mix of essential nutrients needed for growth. Simple Starters Veggie Blends are exactly what they sound like – a blend of savory-only veggies, rich in calcium and fiber to stimulate growth of healthy bacteria in those developing tummies, without any added sweetness. They designed their Root Veggie & Squash Pack to be super convenient (no more peeling!) and nutritious with high levels of folate and vitamin A. Added red bell peppers to the iron-rich Lentils and Veggies Blend Pack, not just for taste and color but to provide a source of vitamin C to boost iron absorption.

Simple Starters is baby food, your way

FoodieKid’s Simple Starters are time-saving , convenient, nutritional, and tasty. all-natural ingredients, shine without any additives or sweeteners, including fruits. Herbs and protein pairing recommendations to help develop baby’s taste for a variety of natural, healthy foods from a young age. That little body you are feeding belongs to someone you love!

FoodieKid Simple Starters are available in select grocery stores throughout New York metro area and on FreshDirect, which delivers to NJ, CT, DE, PA and Washington DC.