Deep Flavors by Kenneth M. Horwitz

Deep Flavors by Kenneth M. Horwitz is a book for “foodies, vegetarian, and Jews who cook traditional and nontraditional kosher food” Rediscover classic dishes that have been elevated by years of home cooking in Ken Horwitz’s kitchen. From cover to cover, a collection of the rich history of classic dishes and the food industry, tips for the home cook to develop his or her skills, and advice for planning ahead during a busy week or when there is a large meal to be prepared. For fresh, home-cooked meals and desserts the are easy to execute. Deep Flavors provides a variety of options that are sure to make every meal something the whole family can look forward to enjoying such as a savory wild mushroom pie with a flaky crust, or a lemon coconut custard cherry pie! 2020 Readers’ Favorite award-winning Deep Flavors from Kenneth M. Horwitz is brimming with warm family favorites reimagined in a kosher style. It is an eclectic collection of stories, tips and recipes sure to entice novices and experienced cooks alike.

About the Author: After fifty-one years in a general tax and transaction practice as a lawyer and CPA, Ken Horwita has brought his capacity for problem-solving and developing creative solutions to the recipes presented in Deep Flavors. Ken analyzes and modifies recipes to create better and more flavorful results. His passion for quality food shapes these family favorites, which have been adapted for a kosher cook to enjoy. Ken’s strong family ties are rooted in a love of cooking, as he shares recipes often made by his mom, his wife, or his daughter over the years. Readers of all backgrounds will find recipes that can be tailored to their own tastes, dietary restrictions, and busy weeknight schedules. 

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