Santa in a Snow Globe by A. H. Edelman

Santa in a Snow Globe by A.H. Edelman a book that doesn’t need to be read at Christmas time.

There’s been an accident at the North Pole and Santa is stuck in a snow globe! Will he make it to see the good boys and girls this holiday season? In this whimsical holiday tale, Santa becomes trapped inside one of his elves’ beautiful new snow globes. Happily, all ends well for the man in the red suit and the children who long to see him. Grab your copy to find out the story behind The Snow Globe Santa!

Santa in a Snow Globe offers parents, caregivers, and children a starting point to talk about life’s new realities (including climate change, the Coronavirus and protests) explained straightforwardly by Santa – along with some timeless advice, beautiful illustrations, and a big dose of Christmas cheer.

About the Author: A.H.Edelman is the author of The Little Black Dress and Manless in Montclair. And she still believes in Santa.