Harissa Mighty Sesame Co. Whole Seed Spicy Squeezable & Ready Tahini

Mighty Sesame introduces a new twist on its classic tahini – Harissa Tahini in a squeeze and serve bottle. Harissa paste is a blend of roasted hot red peppers with other spices and herbs to provide a bit of heat and extra zip to any recipe. Subtle Spice Harissa Tahini Dip pairs perfectly with falafel and pita.

Subtle Spice Harissa Tahini Dip*

3 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil + extra for garnish
¼ Yellow Onion, minced
2 Cloves Garlic, minced
3/4 C. Mighty Sesame Harissa Tahini
2t. Lemon Zest + 2T of Lemon Juice
¼ t. Salt
¼ Black Fresh Ground Pepper + for garnish
¼ T. Flaky Sea Salt as Garnish

1.       In saute pan heat oil. Add onions and cook until caramelized. Adding garlic for the final 1-2 minutes.

2.       In a small food processor add harissa Tahini , lemon zest and juice. Mix until smooth. Add onion and garlic mixture including oil until well mixed.

3.       At this point add in some hot water to get desired thick or thinness.

4.       Season with salt and pepper

5.       For garnish drizzle oil and flaky sea salt right before you serve.

6.       Serve with warm pita or a variety of vegetable Carrot sticks, celery sticks, Red/Yellow Peppers, Broccoli spears, Asparagus spears etc.

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