Evive Smoothie cubes a plant based smoothie cubes that are healthy, and convenient to use, Evive are easy peezy only takes 30 seconds to make – just pop the cubes into a bottle, add your favorite drink, – plant-based milk, water, juice – let it melt for approximately 20 minutes or just blend, Evive Smoothie is ready.

Evive Smoothie cubes are organic, dairy free/vegan, gluten free and loaded with plant-based proteins.

This superfood-packed, certified organic and vegan smoothies are purposefully designed to promote physical and psychological health, with each combination tested and approved by nutritionists. Requiring just 30 seconds to make – simply pop the cubes in a bottle, add water, juice or plant-based milk and shake.

Evive Shake Smoothie cubes have no:

1) sugar added
2) GMO and
3) preservations

As the weather heats up, Evive Smoothie have 12 delicious way to just keep you cool.

“Let’s Thrive together.” with Evive