Regal Games

Regal Games are known for their traditional family games, but now they are putting a twist on tradition and are introducing creative and inventive games that are a nod to the classics that we all know and love. From classic wooden games like checkers, mancala, and chess, to fun, new, innovative games, Regal Games has it all!

Scorzo takes the game of rummy and turns it on its head!  This fun and easy game brings a new strategy with every round. The Goodge Rules is an entertaining, electrifying game with a different spin on a century-old family tradition, Spades. You know what they say, when in Pawpaw Goodge’s house, you play by Pawpaw Goodge’s rules. Check out this new bidding game of strategy, wit, and luck. Spoons and a Spork is the game for you! Check out this action-packed game of Spoons with a “sharp” twist! This game is a fun, easy to learn game, great for friends, family, or anyone looking for a fun competition of reflexes!

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