Screen Eyes Gummies – Zhou Nutrition

Screen Eyes Gummies – Zhou Nutrition.

Whether you’re on a laptop for work, binge watching a new TV series, gaming on your PC, or checking the DM’s on your phone, in the age of screens, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be exposed to an excess of blue light rays.  That’s why we created Zhou’s Screen Eyes™ Blue Light Formula Gummies. Formulated with lutein from marigold extract and Lutemax 2020™, our delicious tropical mango gummies are designed to help support your retinal health and overall visual performance when exposed to the effects of blue light rays.

Retinal Health – Sourced from marigold extract, lutein may help support healthy eye function and healthy eye aging.

Screen Exposure  – SupportScientifically formulated with Lutemax 2020™, our Screen Eyes™ Gummies are designed to be used alongside blue light blocking glasses to help support eye health.

Herbal Blend – Our herbal blend offers a healthy, clean source for retinal support that you can trust. Plus, these tasty tropical mango gummies are colored and flavored with fruits and vegetables.

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