The Halloween Gang – A Halloween to Remember by Jeffrey Janakus

In a much-needed departure from the usual scary Halloween stories, The Halloween Gang—A Halloween to Remember by Jeffrey Janakus hearkens back to a time when life was simpler, more innocent, without cell phones or social media, when kids spent their free time outside, hanging out with their friends and interacting face to face. Back then—October of 1988—Halloween was a holiday to plan for and to execute.

Enter The Halloween Gang—A Halloween to Remember, featuring a group of twelve-year-old boys known throughout the neighborhood as the go-to experts on trick-or-treating. With Halloween fast approaching, Mike, Mooch, Phil, and Cruz are once again planning to gather the biggest pile of the best candy as efficiently as possible. Anticipating this is their last Halloween together, and determined to outwit their archrivals, the pressure is on for this year’s trick-or-treating excursion to be their very finest.

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