Grounded Grandmothers by Aukje Kapteyn

Wellness Counselor & Grandmother of Seven Encourages Modern Day Grandparents to Find Self-Fulfillment in New Book. Author Aukje Kapteyn “Grounded Grandmothers” is an explorative, self-help book filled with practical tips to help readers find self-acceptance and rejuvenate their vitality. “I wrote this book to reach an aging population who struggles with purpose and meaning while navigating limitations, losses, and the challenges of a very quickly changing world,” said Kapteyn. “My book is also for those who want to be relevant and impactful while finding calm within and renewing a sense of fulfillment. Furthermore, this generation seems to have a need to enhance a real connection to both the natural world and the generation that is now growing up in it.” Perfect for grandparents at any stage in their life as well as those who have struggled during the pandemic, “Grounded Grandmothers” will help readers renew their purpose while they navigate limitations and challenges in modern society and encourage them to find self-fulfillment, vitality, and peace within.

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