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Starlette Galleria specializes in bringing you affordable, luxury jewelry that will make you feel just as fabulous as you are. Every piece sold has been carefully thought through so you can rest assured that they are the best quality metals and you will never experience skin sensitivities from Starlette Galleria jewelry.


#1: Don’t risk damage
Sunscreen, chemicals in water, and UV lights are all culprits that won’t just prematurely age your skin, but also can age your jewelry. Make sure you are protecting your jewelry by leaving it at home and swapping it out for something beautiful, fun and tarnish-resistant! 

#2: Don’t risk loss 
It is quite common to lose track of your jewelry as you take it all off to apply sunscreen to your child or yourself. A few hours go by and you realize that your ring is not on your finger, not on the table, not in your bag.. Nowhere to be found (hello panic-mode)! Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Get a ring that you love, but if you lose it, you aren’t out thousands of dollars. 

#3: Don’t risk theft
Being in a new place makes you more vulnerable than when you are in familiar surroundings. Why would you take one of your most expensive possessions with you while you are vulnerable? 

#4: It is perfect for your beach day or pool party
No one wants to risk losing jewelry when you’re out having fun in the sun. Whether you take your rings off to avoid tan lines when soaking in some rays, or before you head out to go swimming in the water, that time shouldn’t be the time to worry about your wedding ring or family heirlooms. 

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