The Parables of Sunlight by Margaret Dulaney

The Parables of Sunlight by Margaret Dulaney (the spiritual memoir of a troubled farm) is a memoir of a neglected farm, an abandoned and injured hours, and the prevailing resilience of hope. Written by the principal writer and spoken word artist Margaret Dulaney of Listen Well. A spoken word website exploring open faith ideas through story and metaphor. Part memoir, part exploration of the divine, and loaded with animals

From The Parables of Sunlight – “I like to imagine that I have a true teacher, a figure much like the mythic Merlin, who business it is to gently guide me toward the truth. My fantasy involves a mentor, master guide, compassionate being who walks beside me, neither of us seeming to set the page, neither forcing nor slowing the speed, moving along at a mindful stroll and noticing things together, There are times when I point things out to the teacher and times when I sense the teacher directing my attention as we move through what Dylan Thomas refers to in his Poem In October as “the parables of sunlight,” the instruction of your days spent together on Planet Earth.”

About the author: Margaret Dulaneyis the principal writer and voice behind, a spoken word website offering once monthly recorded essays exploring open faith ideas through story and metaphor, Her writings ca be found in Parabola Magazine, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, World Religion News, Read the Spirit, Day One and Big Muddy, among others. Her books include, To Hear the Forest Song ( a selection of writings from Listen Well), and The Parables of Sunlight (The Spiritual memoir of a troubled farm).

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