KÖE Organic Kombucha

KÖE Organic Kombucha surprising delicious! Tastes like sparkling fruit juice, but contains live probiotics, which support the immune system, digestion, clear skin and, surprisingly, brain function.

  • Kombucha is a healthy drink known for its probiotic power! Most kombuchas have a funky vinegar flavor, but KÖE tastes like sparkling fruit juice
  • KOE blends organic fruit and juice, live kombucha, refreshing sparkling water – and just 35 cals per can
  • Sparkling, USDA Organic flavor meets a touch of caffeine from green coffee beans for a boost of organic energy
  • 12 oz. aluminum cans are perfect to take on your next adventure. They don’t require refrigeration, are lighter than glass, fit in your cupholder, and are easy to recycle.

Explore KOE flavors: Watermelon: juicy watermelon with a splash of lime, Mango: Filled to the brim with the smooth, satisfying flavor of mango, Lemon Lime: refresh with a classic and invigorating blend of lemon and lime, Strawberry Lemonade: a crowd-pleasing combo fo lemonade and juicy strawberries, Blueberry Ginger: ripe blueberries meet the bold flavor of real ginger, Raspberry Dragonfruit: Combines the juicy taste of ripe raspberries with tropical dragonfruit, Tropical: trio of fresh pineapple, citrus and exotic guava taste. A Healthier Alternative to Soda.

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