MP Magic Waffle Bath Towel Collection – 100% Egyptian Cotton

MP Magic Waffle Bath Towel – 100% Egyptian Cotton is designed to upgrade your shower experience for a more comfortable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Magic Waffle Bath Towel is 100% Egyptian cotton bath towel that will provide a dry-off as you’ve never felt before. And the best part? You can experience it over and over for years to come because this towel is one of the longest-lasting ever made.

This ultra-absorbent, fast-drying, super-soft towel is the towel of your dreams.

MP Magic Waffle Towel is designed to create an ultimate shower experience, the new MP Magic bath towel is thick, soft and super absorbent. As you step out of the shower you will grab your new Egyptian cotton bath towel and feel a drying experience unlike no other. And please remember to hang up your towel

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