The Hidden Triceratops by Richard Bevan

In The Hidden Triceratops by Richard Bevan, illustrated by Io Shepard, parents and children will enter the Ancient Steamy Jungle to find José and Ski and discover the power of teamwork and friendship to achieve goals.  Two young dinosaurs find each other by chance in the jungle. Ski, a Pteranodon, is jumping from boulder to boulder, but when she lands on one that moves, it turns out to be José, a Triceratops. José is busy napping after a meal of palm leaves and ferns. When Ski finds that José is not a boulder like she thought, the two of them team up to find food. They have great adventures, including escaping the Dinosaur of the North, a terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Richard Bevan is an author and educator who hopes The Hidden Triceratops and his upcoming series of books will instill a love of reading and a greater imagination. He specifically designed the books to be read together as a family and provide entertainment and fun facts. The first book in the series is illustrated by a twelve-year-old girl, Io Shepard, who is a neighbor of the author’s. Io is a first-time illustrator whose art style is charming, appealing and refreshing for young readers. 

Team Up For Adventure!

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