MAGFORMERS – Cube House Set – Frog 20 pc. Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set for Brain Development

Magformers Cube House Set – Frog, a 20-piece set includes new character pieces – a child in a frog onesie, with a hat that can be swapped for a seal one. The set makes a variety of different mini houses using the magnetic window square, four standard squares, two triangles, a sector and two arches, while extra accessories include three floor inserts, two windows, a chair, picture and a slide. This amazing role play set features Magformers’ Rotating Magnets System, where small magnets safely sealed in every edge of the magnetic pieces actually spin, so they always connect. With an A3 instruction sheet the Cube House Frog set is fun and educational. Magnetic shapes always securely attach. Pieces are made from a specially-toughened ABS plastic and small neodymium magnets are safely sealed in the edges of each piece. Because these rotate due to the Magformers’ Rotating Magnets System (RMS), they always connect and never repel when two pieces are brought together

Magformers creates a variety of house models from 20 pieces. Contains 10 magnetic pieces, plus 10 accessories. Make mini worlds for the little character included. Fun storytelling and role play with a cute character figure in swappable frog and seal hats. Special ‘glazed’ window Magformers piece adds a new dimension to builds. Includes A3-size leaflet showing what 3D construction models can be made.

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