HI CACTI: Growing Houseplants & Happiness by Sabina Palermo

With HI CACTI: Growing Houseplants & Happiness by Sabina Palermo you can say hello to 20 easy-to-love houseplants and goodbye to life’s stresses as you learn to mindfully care for your plants, and yourself. Plant-care is self-care. With simple plant-care facts and tips, design hints, plant-based craft projects and botanical recipes, this fee-good book offers a quirky insight into the power of plants on wellbeing.

Who Knew that tending to your cacti or Swiss cheese plant could be so good for you? Vibrant, lively, and no-nonsense, this is a unique guide to botanical empowerment! This feel good book offers a unique insight into how plants enrich our physical, mental and spiritual well-being with:

  • Care guides for 20 favorit houseplants
  • Self-care rituals and meditations centers around our plants.
  • Plant care troubleshooting tips
  • Projects for botanical crafts, aromatherapy and skincare
  • Botanical drinks and eats
  • Learn how not to kill you cactus, how to ‘bloom where you’re planted’ and how to love yourself by loving you plant

About author: Sabina Palermo is the founder of Hi Cacti, a botanical boutique in Brighton, UK. She holds popular workshops on pot painting, wreath making, and plant care, and runs a flourishing independent shop and online business (hicati.com). Sabina regularly travels to her hometown of Austin, Texas and takes road trips around the Southwest for products, plant and brand inspiration, and has been feature in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, The Times, The Guardian and others.

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