FunkAway – Odor Eliminator

FunkAway the extreme odor eliminator.

Odors, sometimes they just sneak up on you, like your gym bag, your car, laundry room, and even in the workplace — Yup, it can happen. However, there is a convenient FunkAway product to take care of it.

Each option has the same odor-eliminating power you need to banish embarrassing smells. FunkAway is the ally you need to eliminate all the unwanted odors your family generates on a daily basis. From an overused yoga mat to your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal, there’s no limit to the funky items you can bring back to life.

Stubborn smells don’t stand a chance against the exclusive OM Complex™ found in FunkAway products. Unlike flowery sprays that only cover up odors caused by sweat, FunkAway breaks them down until they no longer exist. And it’s guaranteed to work or you get your money back — that’s how confident the makers of FunkAway are about this game-changing formula.

Start fighting funk, anywhere and everywhere odors are with FUNKAWAY Odor Eliminators.