My First Book of Dinosaur Comparisons by Sara Hurst and illustrated by Ana Seixas

My First Book of Dinosaur Comparisons by Sara HurstFrom heights & Weights to Fossils & Funny Features: See How The Dinosaurs Measured Up! Packed full of facts this vibrantly illustrated book shines a light on dinosaurs like never before! Did you know that the Argentinosaurus weighed about as much as 12 elephants and grew as tall as a five-story building? Or that T. rex could crush a car in a single bite? Or that some dinosaur eggs were as big as footballs? This exciting picture book is full of these and many more fascinating fact nuggets. Turn the pages and compare the deadliest dinosaurs with today’s top predators, discover which teeny dinos size up with our pets, and find out just how much Diplodocus ate. You’ll discover how long The Rizinosaurus’ claws were (as long as you!), and just how fast Apatosaurus could whip its tail (faster than the speed of sound!). This exciting book is PACKED with comparisons all about dinosaurs, as well as some of the other prehistoric animals and plants they shared the planet with. You can compare details like heights, weights, speeds, time periods, defense tactics, fossil types, diets, feathers, and more.

And that’s not all – there’s a guide to saying the animals’ names and there are fun challenges and quizzes to tackle, too! ages 5-7

When I grow up I want to be a Dinosaur!!

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