DIGZ Garden Gloves are made for ever outside task, are designed for modern and pioneering women who posses a passion for plants. Digz products combine form and function with a splash of fashion and are ideal for gardeners, homesteaders or just those harnessing the beauty of Nature. Digz products are engineered to protect our customers’ most valuable assets, their hands, steeped in color and pattern, Digz gloves are inspired by nature.

Light Gardening Task – Cotton gloves are most suited for tasks, such as mowing the lawn and using a trimmer.

Wet Gardening task gloves – If the soil is wet, you are moving a pile of wet leaves, or mixing and using pesticide or fungicide, the gloves which offer the best protection are rubber gloves.

Heavy Gardening Task Gloves – Choose leather gloves for tasks, such as moving rocks or handling tools, which could easily pierce other types of gloves.

General Gardening Task Gloves – For smaller tasks, such as weeding and planting, the best gloves to use are the traditional multipurpose gardening gloves

DIGZ gardening gloves have a unique design that connect with anyone and everyone. What’s even cooler is they have touchscreen compatible fingertips so gardeners can get the perfect picture while gardening. 

Spring is coming get digging with DIGZ

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