I Am Today Written by Matt Forrest Esenwine Illustrated by Patricia Pessoa

A young girl realizes that she doesn’t have to wait until she’s grown up to stand up for what is right and make a big impact. While playing on the beach in her coastal town, a young girl comes across a sea turtle ensnared by a wire. Her town is home to a factory that has provided jobs for many of her neighbors, including her mother, but it has also been dumping garbage from a pipe into the nearby waters, threatening the creatures that live in them. Children are used to being asked what they’ll do and be when they grow up, but the girl knows there is so much she can do today to help. Unable to forget the sight of the struggling turtle, with a fantastic act she inspires the townspeople to compel the factory to change its destructive ways. 

Written in spare and evocative poetry, I Am Today is an empowering story for children who want to be the change the world needs.

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