A Bellwether Christmas by Laurel Guillen


In medieval Italy, a headstrong, orphaned lamb named Bart meets a wild hare, a lark, and a terrifying wolf. They tell him about an unusual man from Assisi who talks to and understands the birds and the beasts. With the help of his shepherd Mundo and his farm animal friends. Bart is determined to find this man and discover the meaning of love and belonging. But will he be brave enough? And will it happen in time for a new and very special Christmas Eve celebration?

Though Bart the lamb, his shepherd Mundo, and his many animal friends, children will learn about life during medieval times, St Francis’s legendary love for God’s creatures, and the start of one of our greatest holiday traditions: the Christmas creche. Each chapter depicts medieval life from its songs to work, food to customs, and each chapter begins with a beautifully drawn illustrations evoking the style of medieval woodcut art. Laurel Guillen also includes an afterword to help readers understand St. Francis’s life and his importance to the Church and to introduce readers to the real-life farm animals her characters are based upon.

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