Making a Magnificent You: And the Role of Fruits and Vegetables by Martin Katz, MD

Making a Magnificent you, written for children ages 5-7, is filled with colorful art and interactive rhyming text, introducing fun facts and healthy recipes using the fruit and vegetable characters. Readers will meet a variety of familiar produce (apples, potatoes, asparagus) as well as the less common, like malange, elderberry, wakeame, and many others.

This delightful, engaging, creative children’s book from a family doctor committed to encouraging better nutrition and improved health through preventive care. So remember, “Your overall health will improve no doubt, when you consume the almighty Brussel sprout “…And when you and your family read Making a Magnificent You!

About Author: Dr. Martin Katz is a preventative medicine expert double board certified in sports and family medicine. He is passionate about educating adults and children about the importance of foods and practices that will keep them healthy, strong, and more disease immune. Dr. Katz is also the father of four, so he faces the same challenges all parents face when it comes to getting his kids to make good food choices.