Good Night Body: Finding Calm From Head To Toe by Britney Winn Lee

Good Night, Body: Finding Calm from Head to Toe by Britney Winn LeeAs a parent to a son with sensory sensitivities, Britney is passionate about sharing stories that make room for big emotions, while also helping kids (and their grown-ups!) lovingly connect with their bodies. Her book Good Night, Body uses lyrical text and body-positive illustrations through a body scan meditation to help kids navigate stress and find rest

A calming bed time story for the little one.

Hello, body.

Hello, dear friend.

Would you like to spend some time together before we fall asleep?

Stretch your legs like a giraffe, dance your fingers like wind chimes, let your worries float away like bubbles, and settle into the goat with this calming body scan meditation.

Good night, body.

Good night, dear friend.

About the Author: Britney Winn Lee writes to make room. She is the author of the Boy with Big, Big Feelings: and the Girl With Big, Big Questions.