Fiera Luxury Concealer

Fiera Luxuray Concealer

Fiera Luxury Concealer & Skincare – is a 2-In-1 All Day Coverage With Anti-Aging Ingredients. The coverage Fiera Luxury Concealer gives will amaze you. Gives a great illuminating coverage without looking heavy and active skincare working behind the scenes for ageless beauty. 

  • IMPERFECTIONS GONE – Dark circles, bags under the eyes, redness, hyperpigmentation, damaged blood vessels, age spots, and discoloration are all concealed while anti-aging skincare ingredients like vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, lecithin, and antioxidants work behind the scenes to make your skin look younger. 
  • FORMULATED FOR MATURE SKIN – Skincare that actually works because it was designed for 40+ year-old skin. This formula contains scientifically proven ingredients to help combat the most common signs of aging such as dryness, dark spots, or wrinkles. Cruelty free, No added parabens or GMOs. 
  • LESS IS MORE – Achieve flawless, full-coverage with our concentrated concealer – just use 1/4th the amount you’d normally use for concealer, warm up, blend out, and enjoy a stunning complexion using minimal product! 

The best coverage for hiding those unsightly spots your beautiful face may have.