Mother’s Day 2023

It came! Mother’s Day! Weather could not have been more gorgeous. What a beautiful Mother’s Day it was. We got together and had a lazy and not so fancy BBQ, My sister made bbq’d chicken legs and I bbq’d a pork, my mom made potato salad. The best is we had no disagreements, we just basked in the sun and enjoyed the day, along with each others company. We even took a Mother’s Day picture.

This was a first.

All the lovely mothers! from right to left: mother (Nina) – daughter (Erica) – me with the funny sun hat – sister (Marlene) – niece (Dana) . One member of our family was missing. The mother of my grandchildren. She had dinner with her mother. Maybe next year my daughter-in-law will be added to our new Mother’s Day picture.

I cannot help but mention my daughter. She is a Mother-To-Be. So she qualified to be in the all mother’s picture. Her dog, Willow , a soon to be brother…LOL! Happy Mother’s Day? It sure was.