Death is Potential by Bob Burnett

For mystery and romance fans, Death is Potential introduces readers to the Kate Swift mysteries with a high-stakes hunt for a killer. The first in a series featuring a complex and compelling female U.S. Marshal. Complete with thrills, blossoming love, and racy humor, the Kate Swift mysteries promise to be an addictive roller-coaster ride. In Death Is Potential, U.S. Marshal Kate Swift seeks solace in a trauma-recovery workshop at Big Sur’s Satori Institute. In her therapy group, Kate meets Tom Scott—a widower grieving his wife’s death. Kate and Tom bond over their painful life experiences. As they grow close, a series of grisly murders threatens their steamy romance. After a fire shuts down access to Big Sur, Kate takes control of the police investigation. Kate must once again take on the role of detective to solve the case and catch the killer or Tom could be the next victim.

Death is Potential will appeal to fans of nail-biting tension, heartfelt romantic moments, and crime-stopping heroines. An exhilarating thrill ride from the first page, Death is Potential keeps readers guessing until the final chapter.

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